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 Brief Introduction

MSEA International Institute for Materials Genome (MSEA) is established in the TsingHua University Technology Incubator, the Emerging Industries Demonstrative Region, Gu'an, Hebei Province, which is invested by China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd., Hebei Institute of Tsinghua University, Shaanxi Finance Holding Group, Shenzhen Zhongshi Dingcheng Investment Management Co., Ltd., etc.

MSEA is committed to developing the innovative design method of structural / functional materials starting from chemical elements and advanced manufacture techniques with international influence, then a seamless transition is achieved which is from micro exploration to macro regulation. The industrialization application of new materials is accelerated by developing high-throughput data analysis models and software. The material innovation and industrial platforms are established with meeting the needs of national strategic emerging industries. The global knowledge integration is promoted, inspiring innovative ideas, thus internationally competitive technological elites and leading entrepreneurs being trained.

MSEA is headed by Prof. Zhiqiang Feng, one member of the " Thousand Talents Program ". MSEA has adopted the enterprization operation pattern, cooperating with well-known universities at home and abroad, building an international materials genome research center. MSEA is committed to introducing the world's top material genome technologies to realize the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, which will generate a series of absolutely competitive industrial chains of the national economy and people's livelihood.

MSEA  Background

The "Materials Genome Initiative " has been launched successively by world powers, accelerating the materials into the market which are medical health / clean energy / intelligent equipment / national security, etc. The research and development of materials and products are accelerated by high-throughput computing / testing / data mining.  


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