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We are looking for top talents in the world as long as you dare to think of MSEA as the stage for you to realize your dreams. Here you can show your personality as much as you want, as long as you are a cow person, as long as you have dedication to your dreams.

Interested parties please email your resume and related information to and meet with them.

Job Title Recruitment number Wages release time  
Director of education and training one Negotiable 2018-02-07

Operating duty:

Responsible for the company's training activities in the field of material making, 3D printing and other fields, making training plans and organizing the implementation, monitoring the training process and evaluating the training effect.

In charge of training and recruiting students;

The lecturer is responsible for the invitation and understanding of the teaching situation.

Regular training needs assessment and investigation, grasp the development trend of the industry, and formulate reasonable training plan;

Expand training channels and resources, evaluate external training institutions and teachers, communicate with relevant association organizations, training institutions, benchmarking enterprises and plan external training, and take charge of the publicity, organization, summary and external training of the activities.

Pay close attention to the conference exchanges and academic forums on the industry organization, such as material making, 3D printing, etc., excavate the opportunities for cooperation and exchange, and expand the business of the education and training department.

Responsible for the planning, organization and execution of the conference items, and timely evaluate the results after the meeting.

The timely handling and feedback of the meeting site problems.

Job requirements:

Education level: above the undergraduate level;

Major: psychology, management and education.

Training experience: have some psychological training experience or work experience.

Experience: engaged in education training or training management for more than 3 years, experience in activity planning, implementation and hosting is preferred.

Knowledge: knowledge of business management / knowledge of business management, financial management, quality management, law and so on / understanding of the company's knowledge of product technology / English spoken and professional skills is prior to the stronger.

Skills: Mastering the use of office software such as WORD and EXCEL, having basic network knowledge and skilled English application ability.

Personal quality: strong leadership, judgment and decision-making ability, interpersonal skills, communication ability, influence, planning and implementation ability, customer service ability / independent work ability, dare to undertake responsibility and independently complete planning, on-site organization, effect evaluation and other work.

Working environment:

An independent office, frequent business trip

Working time characteristics:

Often need to work overtime

Assessment indicators:

Leadership, judgement and decision making, interpersonal skills, communication skills, influence, planning and execution capabilities, and customer service capabilities.