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MSEA International Institute for Materials Genome is formally established


New materials are the cornerstone of human progress and often the fuse of subversive technology (such as laser crystals, organic luminescent display materials and graphene), thus becoming the strategic highland of the fierce competition of the world powers.

In June 2011, the "Material Genome Initiative" (MGI) was launched in the United States, enabling US enterprises accelerate the advanced materials discovery, development, manufacture and application, whose rate is at least twice the current efficiency. In addition, the respective materials genome programs are being implemented in India, Japan and Europe. The demonstration research of materials genome has being launched in China's Ministry of Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academy of Engineering and Ministry of Education. MGI is supported by the nation, like the "Human Genome Initiative", to explore the "Materials Gene" of subversive products, and accelerate the materials into market, including medical health, clean energy, advanced equipment and national security and other fields.

On August 15, 2017, MSEA International Institute for Materials Genome(MSEA) was established in the TsingHua University Technology Incubator, the Emerging Industries Demonstrative Region, Gu'an, Hebei Province, which is invested by China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd.,(CFLD), Hebei Institute of Tsinghua University, Shaanxi Finance Holding Group, etc. MSEA is committed to developing the innovative design method of structural / functional materials starting from chemical elements and advanced manufacture techniques with international influence, then a seamless transition is achieved which is from micro exploration to macro regulation. The industrialization application of new materials is accelerated by developing high-throughput data analysis models and software. The material innovation and industrial platforms are established with meeting the needs of national strategic emerging industries. The global knowledge integration is promoted, inspiring innovative ideas, thus internationally competitive technological elites and leading entrepreneurs being trained.

At present, the materials genome has become an frontier technology leading the research and development of new materials and industrial innovation. MSEA is headed by Prof. Zhiqiang Feng, one member of the " Thousand Talents Program ". MSEA has adopted the enterprization operation pattern, cooperating with well-known universities, research institutes and top enterprise organizations at home and abroad, prioritizing four industrial directions of medical health, clean energy, intelligent manufacture and national security. Considering CFLD's medical care strategy project to build happy cities, firstly, MSEA takes medical health as the breakthrough point, relying on Xi’an Particle Cloud Biotechnology Co., Ltd, to develop biomedical materials and relevant industries of high-end equipment. MSEA establishes a new innovative platform through the continuous operation of industrial profit feeding research institute, thus ensuring the leading position in future development.

The core purpose of material genome is to accelerate the industrial application of new materials, and develop subversive high-tech products. Therefore, MSEA will centre on the scientific and technological direction of the most industrialization value, settling a number of high-tech enterprises, forming a cluster of materials genome industry, which mainly includes material genome software, biological 3D printing, characteristic specialty hospitals, new energy materials and graphene industry chain,etc.

MSEA plays a role in the development of new materials industry in two main aspects. Firstly, MSEA is a high-tech industry overall platform, through the settlement of the entity platform in Gu’an Industrial Park of CFLD, gathering the most advanced technology of the materials genome, displaying the most sophisticated materials genome technology to the whole world. MESA launches the education training of materials genome technology, establishing the permanent site of materials genome, occupying the academic highland of materials genome. Secondly, MESA is an industrial platform with core ideas, technology, products and application fields which include biological health, clean energy, intelligent equipment and national security. These industries are long-term industries with a long survival period. The powerful and competitive integrated materials genome ecosystem is formed through materials, software, equipment and applications technology (abbreviation as MSEA). MSEA is expected to form the initial scale industrial chain by 2020. The chain mainly contains materials genome software, new energy materials, low-dimensional materials and devices, graphene, biological 3D printing and characteristic specialty hospitals, etc. Then materials genome industrial clusters valued more than 1 billion RMB will be formed.

The attending experts delivered their passionate speeches. Zhiqiang Feng , the dean and chief scientist of MSEA, showed gratitude to the vigorously support of investment institutions like CFLD, and expressed thanks to Particle Cloud team led by Dr. Qingfeng Zeng for the smooth eatablishing of MSEA. Zhiqiang Feng analyzed the situation at home and abroad, and emphasized to strengthen communication and cooperation among technologies both here and abroad. Dr. Qingfeng Zeng, the executive dean of MSEA, and founder of Particle Cloud, analysed the future development plan of MSEA which will be based on four major directions - biological center, energy center, intellectual center and security center. MSEA will rely on international talents, universities, enterprises and medical institutions, and contribute to advanced materials and the foundation of human happiness. Song Chang, the assistant president of CFLD and general manager of Industrialization Development Center in Jing Nan Regional Business of CFLD, introduced CFLD’s industry programme, showing they would do their best to serve the lead-in enterprises, to realize technological innovation and the enterprises’ "Chinese dream". Finally, Cao Jianguo, the chief engineer of Hebei Tsinghua Development Research Institute and president of Guan Branch, introduced the established situation of MSEA. Cao Jianguo showed that MSEA will integrate resources and create a platform, and the development of MSEA will be more brilliant with the joint efforts of CFLD and MSEA.

At the opening ceremony, more than 50 people were gathered together, including scientists, entrepreneurs, investors and artists from the well-known universities, research institutions, hospitals, enterprises and investment institutions at home and abroad. They made suggestions for the healthy development of materials genome in science, technology, industry and talent training, and they discussed collaborative development.

Next, please follow the shots, we will show you the grand opening of the unveiling ceremony of MSEA.

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