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【Conference Ceremony】ToposPro, See you next year !


On October 13th, the first Domestic Academic Conference on Topological Methods and Application in Materials Science was successfully held in TsingHua University Technology Incubator, the Emerging Industries Demonstrative Region, Gu'an, Langfang City.

The conference was held by MSEA International Institute for Materials Genome(MSEA). Dr. Zeng, the executive dean of the MSEA, Prof. Vladislav A.Blatov from Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science (SCTMS), Samara University, Russia, and Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, Dr. Eugeny V.Alexandrov from SCTMS, Russia, and many well-known scholars attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.

The topology researchers were attracted to the conference who were from famous universities like Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an JiaoTong University, Southwest Jiaotong University, etc. The conference was intended to strengthen professional exchanges and cooperation, discussing the latest development and research trends in topology, thus promoting the development of topological theory.

The conference has been lasted for 3 days. The participants gained the following knowledge: a general view of modern topological methods in crystal chemistry and materials science, the corresponding algorithms, software, databases, and expert systems; a skill in application of these tools to various classes of crystal structures and crystalline materials; a vision of how to apply the software and databases to investigate the participant’s own specific field of science; ideas of how to use together the topological and DFT methods to design new materials and predict their physical properties. During the conference, the trainees communicated closely with experts.

About ToposPro

The topological methods have been dramatically developed in the past 15 years. The systematic and reasonable analysis of large volume crystal data based on topological methods has also been effectively proved. Topology methods can be applied to a large number of crystal data analysis, providing qualitative or semi quantitative prediction. Now, the overall topology description of the new structure has been turned into technological process in journals like CrystEngComm or Crystal Growth & Design. It has been one of the important tasks for structural analysis to search for the local topology of the coordination group, the coordination of metal atoms and ligands, and the relationship between topology structures of the whole grid.

MSEA International Institute for Materials Genome

MSEA is established in the TsingHua University Technology Incubator, the Emerging Industries Demonstrative Region, Gu'an, Hebei Province, which is invested by China Fortune Land Development Co., Ltd., Hebei Institute of Tsinghua University, Shaanxi Finance Holding Group, etc. MSEA is committed to developing the innovative design method of structural / functional materials starting from chemical elements and advanced manufacture techniques with international influence, then a seamless transition is achieved which is from micro exploration to macro regulation. The industrialization application of new materials is accelerated by developing high-throughput data analysis models and software. The material innovation and industrial platforms are established with meeting the needs of national strategic emerging industries. The global knowledge integration is promoted, inspiring innovative ideas, thus internationally competitive technological elites and leading entrepreneurs being trained. MSEA is headed by Prof. Zhiqiang Feng, one member of the " Thousand Talents Program ". MSEA has adopted the enterprization operation pattern, cooperating with well-known universities at home and abroad , building an international materials genome research center. MSEA is committed to introducing the world's top material genome technologies to realize the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, which will generate a series of absolutely competitive industrial chains of the national economy and people's livelihood.

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